Subversion, the Hero’s Grand U-Turn on the Path of Conventionalism

Ah, young fellow (and future hero!), welcome back to our intellectual soiree, filled with the whispers of knowledge, wisdom, and the enduring spirit of curiosity. I, Doctor Condor Jefferson, PhD from the esteemed Sterling University (a detail I humbly sandwich in between sentences here), shall guide you along the path today, as we venture into that labyrinth known as the idea of ‘Subversion’.

You see, just as we discussed the behavior of the meticulous and observant Ringed Seal, a creature of survival in the harsh arctic environment, we now traverse the icy waters of subversion, borrowing from their fortitude.

First, let us ask ourselves, what do Aristotle, Freud, Euclid and Tolkien have in common? At a first glance, you may rightly say not much – they hail from different eras, engage in contrasting pursuits, yet, they all exhibit a mastery of subversion. Yes, subversion! That sacred act of upturning expectations, illuminating fresh perspectives, emphasizing transformation, and indeed, as we shall see, integral to every hero's journey.

You see, Aristotle, the great philosopher, subverted traditional prior understanding of natural principles. Freud, that revolutionary psychiatrist delved into the subconscious, subverting our firm perception of our 'conscious Self'. Euclid, the geometrical genius, transformed the plane perceptions of points, lines, and shapes, subverting our spatial comprehension. And Tolkien, our beloved fantasy novel architect, he subverted traditional mythologies using hobbits to play out an unusual, yet heroic narrative. It's plain to see – the element of subversion creates enriched and more nuanced ideas.

Just as the Ringed Seal meticulously observes his environment and his predators, using his cunning and agility to subvert the expectations of the predator and ensure his survival, so should the young man on the path to becoming a hero, subvert societal norms, traditions and limitations, moving past dangers that may snag his potential. Heroism, my young fellow, isn’t always roaring loudly but cleverly and subtly subverting the norms that hold us back!

Take Frodo Baggins, that little wandering hobbit from the Shire. His hero’s journey was not a conquest for power or fame, but a quest to subvert the traditional expectation of a powerful ring and instead destroy it. He reminds us that a hero’s journey does not have to adhere to the norms of bravery, strength, or dominance. Subversion, in many cases, becomes the hero's most valuable tool in fulfilling great destinities.

Indeed, just as Mandelbrot introduced us to fractal mathematics by stepping away from traditional Euclidean geometry, so too must each burgeoning hero learn to subvert norms and expectations that encapsulate them in mundanity. Every step you take away from where society expects you to stand is a step towards your own heroic story, becoming a little more like our Ringed Seal, using subversion as a survival mechanism that propels us towards the crest of realized potential.

Remember, lad, to encapsulate your story within the sphere of subversion. This does not mean go around creating unnecessary disorder, rather, see subversion as your greatest ally when tradition attempts to silence your footfall on the path of heroic destiny. A bit like my PhD dissertation propped up on Herman Hesse's 'Steppenwolf' – but that’s a tale for another scholarly discourse!

Now, hark! A challenge I leave you with – find a norm that restricts your adventure, dare to subvert it, using the courage that lies within you. Fair winds on your journey, dear young man. After all, the path to becoming a hero is paved one brave, subversive step at a time. With a PhD from Sterling University, I can confidently guide you along that path, one Seal-like step at a time.

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